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Jon Stewart Says ‘We Dodged a Catastrophe’ After Trump Assassination Attempt, ‘but It Was Still a Tragedy’

17 July 2024 at 04:04
Jon Stewart returned to “The Daily Show” desk Tuesday night and spoke about the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump at a rally in Butler, Pa., on Saturday. “We dodged a catastrophe, but it was still a tragedy,” Stewart said. He then paid tribute to firefighter Corey Comperatore, who died from the shooting. “He […]

‘Daily Show’ Cancels On-The-Ground RNC Plans After Trump Assassination Attempt

14 July 2024 at 19:13
Jon Stewart and the team from “The Daily Show” will be staying close to home during the Republican National Convention. After planning to cover the event with a satirical lens in host city Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Comedy Central mainstay canceled its plans Sunday and noted the show would hold forth instead from its usual base […]

Biden Is ‘Becoming Trumpian,’ Says Jon Stewart on ‘Weekly Show’ Podcast: His Refusal to Discuss Stepping Down ‘Has Degraded People’s Trust’ (EXCLUSIVE)

11 July 2024 at 00:00
Jon Stewart is not backing down on his criticisms of President Joe Biden. In Thursday’s episode of his “Weekly Show” podcast, he compares Biden to Donald Trump, during a conversation that features “Pod Save America” hosts Jon Favreau and Tommy Vietor and CNN political commentator Bakari Sellers. The four analyzed Biden’s performance in his recent […]

Jon Stewart on Calls for Biden to Drop Out: ‘I Am in No Way Saying’ He Should, but ‘Can’t We Open Up the Conversation?’

9 July 2024 at 11:18
Jon Stewart doesn’t necessarily think Joe Biden should drop out of the presidential race, but said it’s important to “open up the conversation.” In a new episode of “The Daily Show” on Monday night, Stewart ruminated on the calls from some influential Democrats for Biden to step down after a disastrous debate against Donald Trump, […]